Transfer of Knowledge knowledge management for the Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation

The knowledge store of the Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation is a rather complex and heterogeneous conglomerate. The museums dispose of both their objects and a multitude of information about history and historic events, evolution, developments, connections, cultural tools and civil techniques. By creating new exhibitions and following their special areas of research they gain even more knowledge. The project “Transfer of Knowledge” aims at seizing, systematizing and linking gained knowledge and research results and making them accessible in a new and extensive way. In their current format these contents of knowledge are not always suitable for a further going spreading and utilization. The piloting project “Transfer of Knowledge” will therefore develop and set up a knowledge management system as multifunctional body of utilization. Different demands for knowledge will be considered by means of classifying the data material and making it accessible for target oriented presentation. Using multidimensional links and systematic catchwords the project opens the information units for searches related to subject and content as well as medium or format.

Funded by
The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


Dr. Elisabeth Böhm

Project lead

Tel. 040 428 131-179


Covering all museums and sections

The project team forms the editorial interface where the process of transformation takes place with regard to content and technics. In future the broad store of knowledge will be at free disposition for further work in the museums as well as for visitors and all further interests, e.g. researchers or student groups. “Transfer of Knowledge” will create a data and information base which enables analogue and digital means of communication, imparting, interaction and participation to be filled with specially edited content.

To achieve this the individual team members work on projects of their own in the foundation’s three large museums. A series of children’s books will be created, which brings museum objects into the context of early childhood learning and makes further exciting information regarding the objects accessible online via QR-code. Furthermore “Transfer of Knowledge” accompanies a comprehensive oral history project where volunteers from the port museum, story tellers from Millerntorwache and contemporary witnesses from the graphic and printing trades come to word. The interviews shall be catalogued, archived and prepared for versatile use in exhibitions and for online communication. The necessary technical and digital surrounding will be built up by “Transfer of Knowledge”. Besides the technical opening up of articles from Hamburg History Live the project team helps with the digital transformation of former analogue projects like “Hummel-Bummel” and with the archiving and opening up of employee’s scientific publications. For these tasks the project is in need of a functioning digital surrounding which makes possible cooperation covering all museums and provides means of cooperation, storage capacity and data security for the work with large amounts of data (videos, high resolution pictures, extensive scans).

The team Transfer of Knowledge. Photo: Elke Schneider
The team from left to right: Dr. Elisabeth Böhm (project lead), Christina Schmidt (Museum for Hamburg History), Eva Martens (Altona Museum) und Berthold Scharf (Museum of Work). Photo: Elke Schneider