Protective Measures against the coronavirus

The buildings of the Hamburg Historical Museums Foundation can be visited again starting May 18, 2021 under special precautions to contain the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Accompanying formats such as guided tours and museum educational programme - unless they are offered digitally – are currently not possible. Please find further information about digital tours on the websites of the respective museums.

Protective measures

On the basis of the current SARS-CoV-2 containment regulations in Hamburg and joint coordination of the state-sponsored museums and exhibition houses in Hamburg, we have implemented extensive protective measures to enable you to enjoy a relaxed and safe stay.

We ask you to read the following information carefully. Of course, our on-site colleagues are available to answer any questions you may have.

Bevor Sie eintreten: Fühlen Sie sich krank? Um Ansteckungen mit dem Coronavirus zu vermeiden bitten wir Sie nur ins Museum zu kommen wenn Sie gesund sind.


Even if our museums are extensive, the same applies here, as is currently the case everywhere: Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from other people and thus reduce the risk of infection. Of course, the distance requirement also applies in outdoor areas.

Keep Distance


It is obligatory to wear a medical mouth and nose cover in our museums. The mask requirement applies to you as a visitor, but of course also to our staff and cashiers as well as other employees. An overview of the medical masks permitted according to the regulations can be found here.

Exceptions to the mask requirement apply to children up to the age of 7. For children up to the age of 14, a simple mouth and nose cover is sufficient. You are also exempt from the obligation to wear a mask if you are unable to wear it due to health restrictions or a disability and you can substantiate this with a written medical certificate or an ID card for severely disabled. The temporary removal of the mouth and nose cover is also allowed for communication with hearing impaired people.

We will refuse entry to people who refuse to wear a medical mask and who do not fall under the listed exceptions.

Keep Distance


In order to be able to trace infection chains through the health authorities, we are obliged to document your contact details. In doing so, we collect your name, home address and telephone number - exclusively for this purpose - stating the date and time of your visit. Together with the contact details, we note on site whether we have a test certificate. Your data will be presented to the competent authority upon request. They will be deleted after the required retention period of 4 weeks has expired.

We have to refuse access to persons who do not consent to your contact details being collected.


Another service is now available for our visitors in our museums. Check in and out contactlessly with the Luca app via a QR code.

The use of the app is not obligatory; the previous options of registering for a visit digitally or by phone are still available.
Without prior registration, a visit is possible by leaving the contact details on site in our museum.

Keep Distance


We have great confidence in the responsible behavior of our visitors. Before you enter one of our museums: Do you have typical symptoms such as fever, cough, respiratory problems or loss of smell / taste?

If so, please go back home and call your doctor or call the central medical assistance via 116 117.


The buildings of the Hamburg Historical Museums Foundation want to enable you to have a carefree and pleasant visit to the exhibition. For this we have developed comprehensive hygiene and protection concepts for you. These include measures such as safe routing through our exhibitions, the provision of disinfection stations or additional ventilation options.