Old Hamburg Online

Digitisation of the works and collection of Ebba Tesdorpf

The artist Ebba Tesdorpf (1851-1920) owned one of the most important collections of Hamburgensia of the late 19th century. With generous support from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, it has been possible since 2012 to perform the first ever scholarly classification of the collection‘s graphic works which are so central to Hamburg history.

The digitisation project “Old Hamburg Online” launched in 2012 makes the works in the Ebba Tesdorpf collection accessible for everyone interested in Hamburg. More than 1000 works are already available for viewing in the Internet Database of Schleswig Holstein & Hamburg Museums.

In addition, the homepage of the Museum of Hamburg History regularly presents selected works which depict important events, locations and personalities in and around Hamburg during the 19th century, bringing “Old Hamburg” to life impressively.

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