Connections, Foto: Chris Schwagga, 2020 (Ausschnitt)

Power. Means. Money. Image as Currency? Currency as Image!

In the context of the Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2022

May 20 to August 15 2022

A presentation at Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

The Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte (MHG) presents an installation by the Mexican-German curator Yolanda Gutiérrez, Rwandan photographer Chris Schwagga, and dancer Eva Lomby, which employs the languages of dance and photography to engage with artifacts selected from the museum’s collections.

Inspired by the theme of the Triennial of Photography Hamburg and in particular by MHG’s numismatic holdings of colonial coins, the performance will set these objects in motion via a dance intervention and photographic documentation of the performance. Schwagga will also respond to Lomby’s contribution as a source of inspiration drawn from the expressive power of the body. Several contexts will be engaged by this collaboration: historical, (post-)colonial, cultural, social, aesthetic, and technical.

At the same time, Schwagga takes up the view of the formerly colonized to consider the meaning and function these coins had, and for whom. The project also engages the various economic, social, and cultural effects of the introduction of colonial currency into the former colony of German East Africa, offering a set of alternative perspectives that shed different light on history.


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