Let it shine!Peter Rühmkorf: Ninetieth Anniversary

From 21 August 2019 until 20 July 2020

A recipient of multiple awards, poet and writer Peter Rühmkorf (1929–2008) lived in Oevelgönne near the River Elbe for many years. In order to mark the ninetieth anniversary of his birthday, the Arno Schmidt Foundation is presenting an exhibition about the poet’s life and works at the Altonaer Museum. Rühmkorf not only published his poems in books, but, together with some of his musician friends, presented them as “Jazz and Poetry” sessions on stage in cellar clubs, churches and public spaces. He collected children’s playground verses and nursery rhymes, studied and critiqued his colleagues, admired poets from past centuries, worked as a playwright and also reached a wide audience with his book of memories “Die Jahre die Ihr kennt” (The years you know). Rühmkorf also worked as editor of the magazine “konkret” and as a reader for the Rowohlt-Verlag publishing house. Additionally, he was involved in the Easter Peace Marches and the 1968 student movement.

The exhibition shows the many facets of Rühmkorf’s work and his life as a dedicated artist. The key element is the “Room of Poems”, where ten of Rühmkorf’s poems can be experienced as large screen projections. A selection of largely unknown fi lm recordings of Rühmkorf’s Jazz and Poetry programmes across several decades complements the poetry screenings. In addition to that, the most signifi cant aspects of the poet’s oeuvre and its various work phases are explained in depth, as well as his poetical concept. A fi fty-square metre wall installation illustrates Rühmkorf’s complex creative process using his poem “Selbst III/88” as an example.

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