Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation

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The Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation one of the largest city and regional historic museum complexes in Europe. With more than five million objects from past centuries in their collections, the foundation’s museums provide an impressive opportunity to tell the history of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, to show both national and European aspects and to see the city in its international context.

Modernisation plans


Development boost for the Historic Museums Hamburg

One of the most important aims of the foundation is to provide visitors to the individual museums with the best possible quality of stay through high-quality exhibitions, innovative event formats and modern, barrier-free facilities. This will require a series of modernisation measures in the coming years which will include both structural and conceptual improvements. With the help of Federal Government funding as well as funds of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation can now get started on a full scale modernisation of the Museum for Hamburg History, the Museum of Work, the Jenisch House and the Altonaer Museum.

German Port Museum

 With the new German Port Museum, the international museums landscape will be gaining a prestigious museum for the commercial and economic history of Germany’s largest port.

Digital access

The Historic Museums Hamburg digital strategy

Digital Outreach describes all the opportunities and methods, contents and activities that museums can utilize in digital space.

In addition to a website for all parts of the Foundation, the Historic Museums Hamburg makes use of the usual social media platforms and has developed apps for the collections and exhibitions.

Thanks to the digital inventory of the collections begun by the Historic Museums Hamburg several years ago, it is already possible to view large parts of the collections online. With the app “100 clicks through Hamburg” (also in English) you can find out more about Hamburg’s exciting history at 100 locations throughout the city. You can also get the app to plan your own personal gui- ded tour through the exhibitions at the different museums.

With their “Online First!” strategy, the Historic Museums Hamburg want to use digital space even more intensively in future and to make it even easier to access the information available in the museums. They aim to set up a knowledge portal which, in cooperation with partners from the worlds of politics, science and culture, can contribute to the latest discussions about society and enhance them with an Historic Museums Hamburg perspective.

Wikipedia in the Museum

Information boards with QR codes are available in the Museum of Hamburg History for exploring exhibition objects.

Venue hire

Every one of the wide variety of museums run by the Historic Museums Hamburg has its own distinct character and premises. That means a whole range of unusual venues and spaces is also available for lectures, congresses, events and private occasions.

Science and research


Educational activities for adults and children


In addition to collecting, carrying out research and preserving our cultural heritage, one of the most important roles for all museums is to educate. The different sites of the Historic Museums Hamburg are all particularly focused on giving visitors of all ages an insight into different aspects of history and culture.


Museum Service Hamburg


A total of 22 Hamburg museums now benefits from the central visitor service run by the Museum Service, which also coordinates museum education programmes at the Altonaer Museum, the Museum for Hamburg History, the Museum of Work and at their branches in the Port Museum and the Jenisch House.