Filmemacherei. Foto: Günter Zint

CLOSE-UP Hamburgs history of film and cinema

8. Dezember 2021 bis 18. Juli 2022

The whole world knows the port of Hamburg and the Reeperbahn from countless movie productions. Films from Hamburg are often ascribed to loyalty to the milieu and relentless realism, but also to sailor romance. But is that all? By far not! Because Hamburg as a film-city can look back on an extraordinary and multifaceted film history that has produced special films for more than 125 years and has helped shape many genres. The city itself often plays the leading role!

The exhibition “Close-up. Hamburger Film- und Kinogeschichten” focuses on the peculiarities of Hamburg's film history from the beginnings of cinema to the present day and combines the familiar with the less known. Particular attention is paid to the development of Hamburg as a filming location, production and playback location as well as the independent film scene from the 1960s and the diversity in filmmaking in front of and behind the camera from the 1980s. In the interaction between film, cinema, city and society, the exhibition gives insights into the diverse cineastic landscape of the Hanseatic city. The Altonaer Museum is a predestined place for this topic, as its exhibitions and events reflect the cultural and historical development of a district in which, in addition to many film production companies, the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Film Funding and zeise cinemas have found their home.

While designing the “Close-up” exhibition, an atmosphere is being created by combining excerpts from selected films with objects such as costumes, props, film posters, scripts, scenes and work photos, which enables visitors to immerse themselves in the film and immerse yourself in cinema history. A large, atmospheric object could already be won with the backdrop of the film “The Golden Glove” by Fatih Akin from 2019, which is used as a staged walk-in room and  at the same time will this stage serve as a presentation area for the films on the subject of “St. Pauli”.

Altonaer Museum

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Fatih Akin on set of the movie Soul Kitchen, Foto by corazon international, Gordon Timpen