PEKING - the central objectStrategies for the future of the German Port Museum

During the three-day international symposium, the focus and strategic issues were discussed with experts from all over the world. The sailing cargo ship PEKING is not only to become a mere museum ship for the German Harbour Museum, but will also be given a special function in the new museum as a witness to the globalisation of the early 20th century, the saltpetre trade between Germany and Chile. Various aspects were discussed in six thematic blocks with around 80 experts from museums, research, archives and universities. On the first day, reference ships from other museums were presented, for example the VASA in Stockholm, as well as the history of the PEKING and the staging of historical ships. The second day of the symposium focused on the restoration, conservation and involvement of volunteers at PEKING. On the last day there was an excursion to the Peters shipyard in Wewelsfleth to the PEKING, where the current state of restoration of the hull, masts and interior could be seen.



Wednesday, 13 June 2018:  History and presentation of the PEKING


9.00       Arrival and registration of participants

10.00 Welcome

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator at the Authority for Culture and Media in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Börries von Notz, Sole Director of the Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation  (Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg)


10.30     Introduction

Ursula Richenberger, Project Director for setting up the German Port Museum

 (Deutsches Hafenmuseum)

The significance of the PEKING for the German Port Museum


11.00     The significance of historic ships in museum contexts

Moderator: Prof Dr. Anja Dauschek, Director of the Altonaer Museum

  • Marieke van Bommel, Director of MAS Antwerp: The maritime collection in Antwerp
  • Lisa Månsson,  Director Vasa Museum Stockholm; VASA – from national disaster to a success
  • Capt. Jonathan Boulware, Executive Director Southstreet Seaport Museum, New York: WAVERTREE and the Southstreet Seaport Mus


13.30     The history of the PEKING and the saltpetre trade

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Rita Müller, Director of the Museum of Work

  • Andreas Gondesen, Historian: Do we know the Peking? Construction and life story of a four-masted barque
  • Dr. Christian Ostersehlte, Archivist Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven: A global player in the saltpetre trade: The F. Laeisz shipping company in Hamburg
  • Bárbara Torres Baquedano, Cultural scientist and lecturer at the University of Bremen: Life and work in the Salpeter Oficinas
  • Dr. Lioba Thaut, Deputy Head of Department Exhibitions / Exhibitions Management at the Centre of Natural History Hamburg: The researching captains of the PEKING. The animal specimens from Chile in the CeNak collection


16.00     Presenting historic ships

Moderator: Ursula Wöst, Assistant to the Board of the Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation

  • Hanna Hagmark-Cooper, Director Maritime Museum Aland: POMMERN
  • Nina Holsten, Historian and Exhibition Curator GWF Exhibitions Hamburg: RICKMER RICKMERS


17.30     Transfer from the Museum for Hamburg History to the Port Museum Hamburg  (Hafenmuseum Hamburg)

18.30     Guided boat tour of the harbour on the trail of the saltpetre trade and the PEKING in Hamburg

20.00     Evening reception on the RICKMER RICKMERS



Thursday, 14 June 2018:

Restoration, conservation concept and integrating volunteers for the PEKING


10.00     The current status of restoration work on the PEKING

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Czech, Director of the Museum for Hamburg History

  • Joachim Kaiser, Board of the Stiftung Hamburg Maritim/Project Manager PEKING: Restoration concept PEKING and current status
  • Jochen Gnass, Takler Oevelgönner Tauwerkstatt Hamburg: The reconstruction and restoration of the masts and rigging
  • Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Radebold, Naval Architect Technology Services GmbH, Hamburg: Measures for museum suitability and for achieving barrier-free accessibility on the PEKING


12.00     Preservation and conservation concept for the future

Moderator: Carsten Jordan, Head of the Port Museum Hamburg

  •  Henrik Engblom, Boatswain on the POMMERN, Maritime Museum Aland: Preservation and conservation concept for the POMMERN
  • Wolf Meyer zu Bargholz, Restorer: Don’t be afraid of enthusiastic laypersons – restoring and conserving museum objects with volunteers
  • Christoph Schwarzkopf, Officer at the Protected Monuments Office Hamburg: The restoration of the BLEICHEN from the point of view of a protected monuments officer


15.00     Integrating volunteers in the daily work on the ship

Moderator: Dr. Thomas Overdick, Specialist for Museums at the  Authority for Culture and Media Hamburg

  • Mathias Kahl, on the Board of the “Friends of the PEKING” e.V. “All hands on deck”. Volunteers dedicated to the PEKING
  • Kirsten L. Greenaway, President Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, USA: Ship restoration: Working with volunteers
  • Stephen C. White, President Mystic Seaport Museum: Working with volunteers at the Mystic Seaport Museum

17.00 approx.  End of the discussion   


Friday 15 June 2018: Visit to the PEKING at the shipyard