Conflicts.The Exhibition

November 3, 2021 until July 10, 2022

Conflicts are omnipresent - in the family, in work life, in politics. Just as diverse

are their manifestations: We experience and observe them as personal remorse, as a marital dispute, as a collective bargaining conflict between trade unions and employers, as a civil war or as an international crisis. Conflicts affect our love and family life, our happiness and health, our professional life and our careers. Conflicts change the world, both large and small. The Museum of Work is taking this as an opportunity to dedicate a special exhibition to the subject.

The exhibition explores the meaningfulness of conflicts and asks for solution strategies:

  • When does a conflict arise?
  • When is a matter worth conflict?
  • When is it worth starting an argument, taking a stand?
  • When is it time to compromise?
  • How can unnecessary conflicts be avoided and hardened fronts softened?

How can unnecessary conflicts be avoided and hardened fronts softened? This question

are very topical - political extremism, shitstorms and filter bubbles often leave the impression that our time is particularly rich in conflict or that the parties to the conflict are more irreconcilable than before. It can hardly be determined whether this is actually the case, but we are certainly experiencing conflicts today via the Internet and social media that would have occurred just a few years ago beyond our perception.

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