Filmemacherei. Foto: Günter Zint

CLOSE-UP Hamburgs history of film and cinema

8 December 2021 - 18 July 2022

Films from Hamburg reflect seafarer romanticism, unsparing realism, experimental cinema, life on the streets, and urbane diversity. Hamburg looks back on 125 years of an extraordinary and multi-faceted film history. The city has shaped film genres and often ends up playing the main role in a film.

The exhibition “Close-up. The stories and history of film and cinema in Hamburg” presents Hamburg‘s film history from the beginnings of cinema to the present day, the familiar and the unfamiliar. Hamburg has been a pioneer in both film production and cinema. In 1895, what was probably the first on-location film recording in Germany took place in Hamburg. In 1901, the first movie theater with a permanent address opened here. The historical survey focusses on the development of the independent film scene from the 1960s onwards and the diversity in film-making in front of and behind the camera from the 1980s onwards. In completion the exhibition presents the world of animation.

Altona is a hub of filmmaking in Hamburg. The Film Fund Hamburg and the Kurzfilm Agentur are based in Altona, and many film professionals and production companies have settled here. Numerous films from Altona and St. Pauli reflect Hamburg’s urban diversity and the various cultures co-existing in a modern urban society.

Altonaer Museum

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Fatih Akin on set of the movie Soul Kitchen, Foto by corazon international, Gordon Timpen

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