Better Living In Altona?City development in the 20th and 21st Century

Until 24 June 2019

Altona is changing. In late 2017, residents moved into the first apartments in the new quarter “Mitte Altona” or “Altona Centre”. Further new quarters like the “Holsten Site” are in development. The exhibition takes you on a discovery tour through the history of housing , which has been shaping the urban development in Altona for over 100 years – often with trailblazing ideas. The historic tour presents the most important phases of the urban development of the past 130 years. The struggle against the housing shortage in the years around 1890, the creation of healthy housing space for all in the 1920s and the “co-ordinated” housing policy under National Socialism. After 1945, the vision

of a green and car-friendly city was central; from 1965, the focus lay on the creation of new centres on the city’s outskirts. The urban development of the 1970s, determined and executed by the citizens themselves, segued into the developments of today.

Living spaces in different colours along the historic tour explore topics all about housing, which always seem current. Questions about land policy are located in the hallway, neighbourhoods are discussed in the living room, tenancy laws in the bedroom. Questions of mobility are addressed in the garage. Urban infrastructure can be found in the kitchen and urban aesthetics can be explored in

the dining room. We are faced with an important issue today: How can additional housing space be created in a growing city? The last room invites you to grapple with the future of housing, in Altona and beyond. What ideas on the future of housing are there? Could Altona serve as a model for urban living in the 21st century? What do you think?

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