Dance Of Life100 years Hamburgische Sezession

From 15 April 2019 until 13 January 2020

The “Hamburgische Sezession” artists’ association was founded in 1919 with the aim of establishing a lively arts scene and of making the cultural climate for visual arts more attractive in the merchants’ city of Hamburg. Their exhibitions and accompanying lectures and art festivals were received very enthusiastically for the 14 years up to 1933 and achieved national acclaim. Stylistically the Sezession was initially oriented towards expressionism and New Objectivity, before a Secession style of its own developed at the end of the 1920s. Its most important representatives included Anita Rée, Gretchen Wohlwill, Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann, Eduard Bargheer, Willem Grimm, Erich Hartmann, Karl Kluth, Emil Maetzel, Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen and Rolf Nesch.

The exhibition “Dance of Life. 100 years Hamburgische Sezession” in the Jenisch Haus presents the artists’ association’s broad artistic spectrum with displays of paintings, drawings and sculptures. In addition to portraits, still lifes and depictions of animals from the early years of the Sezession, the exhibition brings together works depicting the city, the port of Hamburg and Hamburg’s nightlife as well as artistic insights into how people spent their free time in that era. There are also travel pictures and landscapes from the later years of the Sezession. The title of the “Dance of Life” exhibition is taken from a woodcut by Heinrich Steinhagen from the very fi rst exhibition in the year 1919. The exhibits are from the Altonaer Museum’s collection, private collections and bequests. Most of these works have seldom been on display or are now on view to the public for the very first time.



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Dance Of Life
100 years Hamburgische Sezession
ca. 120 pages
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