Mahalla AltonaMuslims talk about their everyday lives

From 27 March until 18 November 2019

Altona is a diverse municipal district and many of the Altonaers are Muslims of various denominations, ethnicities and cultures. How do people practise their faith? How do they interpret the religious teachings, laws and duties? What role does their religion play in their everyday lives? What problems were there in the past and what problems are there today? What connects Muslims from different cultural backgrounds with each other? Using objects from everyday live, Muslims living in Altona tell personal stories about their faith, obligations, teachings, rituals and prayer.

Altonaer Museum

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Foto: Michaela Hegenbarth


(In Arabic محلة, in Turkish Mahalle)

In the Islamic countries of North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia, the word Mahalla denotes a city district as an administrative unit. But it also describes the identity-defi ning neighbourhood with a square, cafés, market and mosque or church.

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