Historical Homes

Permanent exhibition in the Museum of Hamburg History

Decorated ceilings, wall panels and illusionist mural paintings – the collection presents original objects of historical home culture which were saved from destruction and installed in the museum. Rooms in classicist, Biedermeier and historicist interior design offer insight into the residential culture and artistic tastes of eminent Hamburg citizens.

The exhibition is supplemented by exhibits from the golden age of Hamburg’s baroque garden culture and historical portraits. Highlights include the ceiling of the hall at Catharinenstraße 19, the festive hall at Deichstraße 53 and a panorama tapestry dating from 1825.

Museum for Hamburg History

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Kaufmannsdiele (merchant hall)

The Kaufmannsdiele (merchant hall) is the representative main room of a typical old Hamburg burgher home. The exhibit is a reproduction including original parts. The hall was the centre of Hamburg merchant buildings, also called “Dielenhäuser”, which were customary in Hamburg from the Middle Ages until the end of the 18th century. They served wealthy merchants and their families and servants as both home and workplace.

The large ground-floor hall which usually reached up across two floors formed the centre of the building. It was the sales and packing room, and the goods were lifted by winch from here to the storage rooms located above the residential floors. And this hall was also where the inhabitants dined and celebrated.

The reconstructed hall features beams, a gallery, stairways and a painted ceiling from different Hamburg Dielenhäuser dating from the second half of the 17th century. After virtually all original merchant houses disappeared, this installation conveys an impression of the living and working culture of wealthy Hamburg merchants during that period.